The Way Maker 4: Life with the Holy Spirit

October 27, 2019 • Ezekiel 37:1-14

There are times when the challenges of life overwhelm us and we feel like dry, life-less bones with no hope. But our God is a God who can breathe the Holy Spirit into us and bring the dead back to life. Therefore, we have hope.

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The Way Maker 5: The Resurrection Promise

November 3, 2019

Because of our uncomfortableness with death, we tend to deny or solve it. But our human efforts to deal with death only burden & bind us. God has solved our death problem by sending Jesus to undo what has been done and repair the damage done by death. Therefore, we rest in Jesus as a new person headed towards Resurrection Life.

The Way Maker 3: Life With Hope

October 20, 2019

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that overwhelm and disorientate us. It can feel like we are strangers in a strange land. But God's people have been in situations like this before. God encouragement to us is to keep listening to Him for He has a good plan for our lives with a hope-filled future.

The Way Maker 2: Life With Courage

October 13, 2019

All of us have situations in life when we are filled with fear & fear can prevent us from doing the right thing. But faith in the God who saves will help us to have the courage we need to move forward in the face of fear.