The Way Maker 1: Life Without Shame

October 6, 2019 • Gen. 8:3-24

All of us have a reservoir of shame that surfaces when it gets pricked. But God invites us to identify our emotions & use them to discover our own shame story & evaluate our beliefs & assumptions. God’s grace & love gives us the courage & truth we need to replace false beliefs & assumptions with truth, and then live a new story with a new ending.

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The Way Maker 5: The Resurrection Promise

November 3, 2019

Because of our uncomfortableness with death, we tend to deny or solve it. But our human efforts to deal with death only burden & bind us. God has solved our death problem by sending Jesus to undo what has been done and repair the damage done by death. Therefore, we rest in Jesus as a new person headed towards Resurrection Life.

The Way Maker 4: Life with the Holy Spirit

October 27, 2019

There are times when the challenges of life overwhelm us and we feel like dry, life-less bones with no hope. But our God is a God who can breathe the Holy Spirit into us and bring the dead back to life. Therefore, we have hope.

The Way Maker 3: Life With Hope

October 20, 2019

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that overwhelm and disorientate us. It can feel like we are strangers in a strange land. But God's people have been in situations like this before. God encouragement to us is to keep listening to Him for He has a good plan for our lives with a hope-filled future.