B2B 7: Love Your Enemies

October 25, 2020

It is human nature to love only those who love you. But God doesn’t love like that. He loves all people, even those who are His enemies, and His Son Jesus died and rose again to pay the full cost for all people to be reconciled to God. Therefore, as His children, we love as He does. We are unconcerned whether others love us in return. We have all the love we need in Jesus. (Based on Rom. 12:9-21 & Mt. 5:38-48.)

B2B 11: As the Father has Sent Me, I am Sending You

November 22, 2020

When we are small children, if we have good parents, it is easy to believe that all things are possible. But as we grow older, life begins to box us in and we become small people living small lives. But the risen Jesus gives us peace, the Holy Spirit and faith, and sends us into the world to carry His love and peace to the broken & hurting people around us. (Based on Rev. 7:9-17 & John 20:19-31.)

B2B 10: Remain in My Love

November 15, 2020

Changing our habits can be a good thing, but it’s the brokenness in our heart that really need to be addressed. Thankfully, Jesus loves us with unconditional, infinite love, and as we remain in His love, He helps us to heal and bring healing to others. (Based on 1 John 4:7-21 & John 15:1-17.)

B2B 9: You are in Me, and I am in You

November 8, 2020

As we follow Jesus, we might reflect on how our life with Jesus begins or what it will be like in the future, but less so on our life with Jesus now. How can we have hope as we live as broken people in a broken world? The hope that Jesus gives us for now and forever comes out of the shared life that we live with Him. (Based on Gal. 2:11-21 & John 14:15-27.)