40DWJ 6: Palm Sunday

March 28, 2021

Surprise parties can be great because they reveal unexpected affirmations of love which fill us with joy. Can we live our lives based on such surprises? During the days before and after his journey to the cross, Jesus surprised people with unexpected revelations that he was our Messiah, Redeemer and Savior. Perhaps most surprising of all, he has chosen each of us to be a beloved, forgiven child of God through whom he works to surprise others with his grace. (Based on Mt. 21:1-11.)

40DWJ 7: The Key to New Creation Life

April 4, 2021

Memories are often a source of comfort or encouragement to us, but they are more important than we realize. They can even direct our decisions and actions. Jesus is calling us to remember that he suffered, died and rose again for that memory helps us see our life in a new way: we are new creation people living in a hidden new creation world. Keeping that Good News at the top of our memory pile will help us to more fully live the new life that Jesus has given us. (Based on Luke 24:1-35.)

40DWJ 5: God's Voice in the Thunder

March 21, 2021

Our tendency to be selfish is fed by a hard-wired desire for glory. But Jesus gives us new life as a beloved, forgiven child of God and helps us to become the person he always meant us to be. Then we live in the glory of who we really are in Jesus, and we are content. (Based on John 12:20-36.)

40DWJ 4: Nicodemus

March 14, 2021

We live in a time of strong opinions. But are opinions all that is, or is there such a thing as absolute reality? If there is, how can we see and live in that reality? With the new birth we have from Jesus, we are able to live a new life in which we can see things as they really are. With Jesus’ love filling our heart, we reflect his life-giving love out into the world around us and we have hope for an even better life in the future. (Based on John 3:1-21.)