Fruit of the Spirit - Patience (9.8.19)

Fruit of the Spirit • September 8, 2019 • Pastor Bryan Dugger

Being willing to wait, and even seeing the virtue in the experience, is not a natural human proclivity. But waiting on the perfect timing and leading of the Lord is a fundamental part of living by faith. How then are you handling the tests of patience that are at work in your life right now, and how will you handle them in the future?

Fruit of the Spirit - Peace (9.1.19)

Fruit of the Spirit • September 1, 2019 • Pastor Bryan Dugger

Having peace is more than merely being free from worry or insecurity. Fundamentally, peace is about the abiding assurance of one's ongoing security - especially in the context of relationships. Most notably, there is a peace that comes from the Holy Spirit that is rooted in a wholeness and completeness in one's relationship with God. This is a peace we should be bearing in our life.

A Safe Place (Caring Well Sunday) (8.25.19)

Stand Alone Sermons • August 25, 2019 • Pastor Bryan Dugger

The Southern Baptist Convention is facing an abuse crisis. That's why Westview Baptist Church is committed to participating in the "Caring Well" Challenge, an initiative focused on making every Southern Baptist church a safe place for abuse victims. This sermon was given in order to make the church aware of the need of such an initiative and of our plans to specifically make Westview a safe place for broken and hurting people. More information about the "Caring Well" Challenge can be found on https://caringwell.com/.

World Changers Debrief Service (8.18.19)

Stand Alone Sermon • August 18, 2019 • Ethan Kerns

For the past three years, several of our students and adult church members have participated in "World Changers" missions trips. This past July, a team of twenty-seven participants went to Roanoke, VA to serve the community and share the gospel. These are the testimonies of their experiences from that week.

Fruit of the Spirit - Joy (8.11.19)

Fruit of the Spirit • August 11, 2019 • Pastor Bryan Dugger

Happiness and joy are often understood as being synonymous. Happiness exists in the moment and diminishes when the good feelings subside. Joy, on the other hand, transcends the limitations common to happiness because it is achieved in knowing and serving God.

Can Jesus Do Anything? (8.4.19)

Stand Alone Sermon • August 4, 2019 • Jim Guinan

In times of trouble, it is easy to wonder whether or not God will pull through. We often ask, "Will He actually intervene? Can He do anything in this situation?" In Mark 9, Jesus assures a broken father (and us) of His power to do anything and reminds us of the faith we must have in Him.

The Judgments (7.28.19)

Stand Alone Sermon • July 28, 2019 • Bob Buchanan

All people - both non-Christians and Christians alike - will face judgment when this life is over. Both judgments will involve works, but there's one thing God will take into consideration for the Christian that He won't for the non-Christian: the imputed righteousness of Christ.

Fruit of the Spirit - Love (7.21.19)

Fruit of the Spirit • July 21, 2019 • Pastor Bryan Dugger

As a fruit of the Spirit, God's love is able to work in and through the life of a born-again believer. The result is a capacity for selflessness, service, and sacrifice that far exceeds human ability. This love will require sacrifice and persistence, but you will not be doing it alone nor will it be in your power. God will be loving others through you.

Fruit of the Spirit - Works & Desire (7.14.19)

Fruit of the Spirit • July 14, 2019 • Pastor Bryan Dugger

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you regularly experience the tension between the desires of the flesh and the desires of the Spirit. The struggle is an unavoidable consequence of being a human being whom the Holy Spirit is endeavoring to transform and mature. It can be daunting at times to feel pulled in multiple directions, but thankfully the situation is far from being hopeless. The Holy Spirit is always ready and able to lead those who are willing.

Fruit of the Spirit - Trees and Their Fruit (7.7.19)

Fruit of the Spirit • July 7, 2019 • Pastor Bryan Dugger

Jesus calls men and women to allow the Spirit of God to reveal the condition of their hearts so that the transforming power of God can replace evil motives and actions for those that are good. Each person must choose to either be a good tree bearing good fruit or an evil tree bearing evil fruit. The choice begins in the heart.

Independence Day 2019 - Proclaiming Liberty (6.30.19)

Stand Alone Sermons • June 30, 2019 • Pastor Bryan Dugger

Freedom and liberty are among the most important and universally relevant matters pertaining to all people. Because of this, Christians should be advocates of societal and civil liberties, as well as the true spiritual liberty found in Christ.

Reflecting Him (6.23.19)

Stand Alone Sermon • June 23, 2019 • Jason Crawford

If we, as Christians, are to reflect Christ in our lives, we must not be content with just reflecting Him in a few areas of life. Christ demands that our whole selves reflect Him; that we may be holy with our spirits, our souls, and our bodies.

Meaningful Dialogue - Talking to Others About God (6.16.19)

Stand Alone Sermon • June 16, 2019 • Pastor Bryan Dugger

Superficial discussions are a normal part of life, but they are no substitute for substantive, meaningful discussion. Meaningful dialogue provides a forum in which worldview formation can occur and the gospel can be proclaimed. We should then be enthusiastic about escalating superficial discussions into meaningful dialogues about life, God, and eternity.

Good Times - Appreciating & Benefiting from the Goodness God Gives (6.2.19)

Stand Alone Sermon • June 2, 2019 • Pastor Bryan Dugger

The good gifts God gives are meant to be enjoyed and appreciated. Are you able to see these good gifts, and are you careful to remember and thank the One from whom all blessings flow?

Connecting Series - Caring and Connecting (5.26.19)

Connecting Series • May 26, 2019 • Pastor Bryan Dugger

Caring isn't merely one aspect of how humans connect; it is the the preeminent means of community formation. It is the way we connect with others.