Stauros Ministries 2020 Fall Workshop Promotion

"Introduction To Caring For The Addicted Thru Discipleship"

June 9, 2020 • John Burghauser • Stauros Ministries

A workshop designed to equip men and women in their outreach to those battling various forms of addiction and substance abuse is being organized. The workshop will be held on a Saturday in the fall (date is T.B.D.) and will be led by Stauros Ministries Board of Directors member, John Burghauser. The two-fold mission of Stauros is to “share Christ’s love, one-to-one, with those in society who are struggling with addiction and to offer support to their families. For more information on Stauros, please view the introductory video produced by John for this workshop at Westview and check out the website for Stauros Ministries at www.staurosministries.com.

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