Fruit of the Spirit - Trees and Their Fruit (7.7.19)

Fruit of the Spirit

July 7, 2019 • Pastor Bryan Dugger • Luke 3:7-9, 6:43-45

Jesus calls men and women to allow the Spirit of God to reveal the condition of their hearts so that the transforming power of God can replace evil motives and actions for those that are good. Each person must choose to either be a good tree bearing good fruit or an evil tree bearing evil fruit. The choice begins in the heart.

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Fruit of the Spirit - Joy (8.11.19)

Fruit of the Spirit • August 11, 2019 • Pastor Bryan Dugger

Happiness and joy are often understood as being synonymous. Happiness exists in the moment and diminishes when the good feelings subside. Joy, on the other hand, transcends the limitations common to happiness because it is achieved in knowing and serving God.

Can Jesus Do Anything? (8.4.19)

Stand Alone Sermon • August 4, 2019 • Jim Guinan

In times of trouble, it is easy to wonder whether or not God will pull through. We often ask, "Will He actually intervene? Can He do anything in this situation?" In Mark 9, Jesus assures a broken father (and us) of His power to do anything and reminds us of the faith we must have in Him.

The Judgments (7.28.19)

Stand Alone Sermon • July 28, 2019 • Bob Buchanan

All people - both non-Christians and Christians alike - will face judgment when this life is over. Both judgments will involve works, but there's one thing God will take into consideration for the Christian that He won't for the non-Christian: the imputed righteousness of Christ.