Honoring Our Complimentary Counterpart

Brad Bailey :: September 24, 2017

September 24, 2017 • Brad Bailey • Westside Vineyard Church

Relationships. We all know that they provide for the deepest longings in life. We also know that intimate connections can be difficult. We want to be good at loving others …but others may not feel as loved as we’d hope. Why do so many find marriage to be more challenging than expected? What can offer a fresh perspective and restore our experience? In the midst of so much changes and confusion in the roles of men and women…how can we find a healthy sense of how to be men and women in relationship to one another? In this series we will engage the underlying issues that we face in developing relationships today… and how some fundamental truth can help guide us to love and live well.

Growing Physical Intimacy In Marriage

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A Friend Loves At All Times

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