Eddy Croxton

First Three Sundays • 5pm

We hope you'll stop by for our weekly small group! We meet Sunday nights at 5pm at different homes here in town. Our Life Group meets for the first three weeks of each month, but takes a break for the 4th (and 5th) Sundays. We share a potluck style meal, hang out, and then spend some time talking through that morning's sermon. Guests and first-timers are NOT required to bring anything with them! We want you to come share a meal with us and enjoy some quality time in God's Word. Eddy Croxton is the group facilitator, and he serves as one of the Shepherds of our church. Check out his info in the "I'm New / Meet the Team / Shepherds" portion of our app.


Justice and Equity for All • July 5, 2020 • Bryan Fojtasek

King David was a Godly example of humility, eloquence, military strength and leadership. But what was it about David that made him a man after God's own heart? In this message, Bryan explores God's heart for justice and righteousness and shares how David's commitment to those ideal in his Kingdom gives us a practical example to follow in our lives today.

Livestream (7/5/20)

Join us for an inspiring morning of worship as we praise God and dive into his Word. We'll be sharing some powerful updates from our missionaries around the world during service and telling the story of King David during our sermon. Join us this Sunday at 9am--in person or online!

2 John

Healthy Boundaries • July 1, 2020 • Bryan Fojtasek

The Kingdom of God is open to everyone, but there are times when the best way to protect your spiritaul life is by setting healthy boundaries. We hope you'll join us tonight at 6:30pm for our Bible Study on the book of 2 John, which tackles the questions of Christian acceptance and how and when to set boundaries.