Evangephobia (Youth Ministry)

Justin Chase, Room #604

Our Youth Ministry meets every Wednesday night at 5:30 (for dinner) and 6:30 (for class). Class meets in room #604 (upstairs and to the right). Right now we are talking about the biggest fears we have when it comes to talking to people about Jesus! Using a mix of videos, interactive activities, Bible stories and sections of the book "Evangephobia," our Youth Ministry Intern Justin Chase is challenging our students to be BOLD when it comes to sharing their faith. Here's a short description of the book Evangephobia: Do you suffer from evangephobia? When you have opportunities to talk to people about Jesus, does your heart beat faster, do you start to feel queasy, and do your knees and spine become weak? Here's some good news if you suffer from evangephobia: It's a treatable condition! With a little help, you can discover how to talk about God naturally in normal conversations and learn how to explain the gospel in a clear, compelling way. And you'll discover a passion for reaching your friends with God's good news. This 30-day devotional will guide you through the journey of hearing how God has helped other teenagers overcome evangephobia. Plus, you'll get bite-sized insights and strategies that will help you gain confidence in telling others about Jesus.

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