Youth Ministry

Justin Chase, Room #604

Our Youth Ministry meets every Wednesday night at 5:30 (for dinner) and 6:30 (for class). Class meets in room #604 (upstairs and to the right).

Open Arms

February 16, 2020 • Bryan Fojtasek

No matter how many times we wander away from God, he always welcomes us back with open arms. This doesn't cheapen his grace or diminish our sin, but it does reinforce a key truth that stands at the heart of the Gospel: God will never stop pursuing a marriage relationship with us, no matter how bad things get.

Broken Promises

February 9, 2020 • Bryan Fojtasek

Wandering Eyes. Broken Promises. Infidelity. God has always desired to be in an exclusive marriage with his people, but our hearts are so prone to wander away. When we turn away from God, he experiences that as an act of marital infidelity. And although God is more patient than any human being could ever be, God is clear that there are consequences to our spiritual infidelity. Thankfully, God also provides a roadmap to restoration: the cross of Jesus Christ.

Marriage Material

We Are the Bride of Christ • February 2, 2020 • Bryan Fojtasek

Throughout the Bible, God uses the language of romance and marriage to illustrate the kind of relationship he wants with his people. From beginning to end, God pursues a loving, personal and intimate relationship with each one of us--despite our obvious imperfections. And that's the good news of the Gospel!