Angels and Demons

Corporate Prayer Series

Types and Rank of Demons: Chief Demon

November 12, 2020 • Pastor Paul Smith

Tonight our teaching looks at the various names and history of the chief demon: Lucifer, Satan, and Devil

Types and Rank: Part 2

November 5, 2020 • Pastor Paul Smith

We read scriptures about two more types of angels the Seraphim "burning ones" and Angels "messengers" who are sent to give specific messages as well as guardians over people, churches and countries.

Types and Rank

October 28, 2020 • Pastor Paul Smith

In this teaching we get an overview of types of angels and then look specifically at two types of angels mentioned in Scripture The Angel of the Lord and the cherubim.

Existence and Origin

October 21, 2020 • Pastor Paul Smith

In this introduction to angelology and demonolgy we look at the origin and nature of angels and demons.