Daniel Fast

Spiritual Side of Fasting

January 20, 2019 • Pastor Paul Smith

We look at the spiritual laws of fasting, how fasting works in the economy of heaven, the culture of the spiritual realm, and the spiritual battle that ensues when we fast.

How-To of Fasting

January 13, 2019 • Pastor Paul Smith

We look at the components of fasting, expectations during fasting, and the impact of fasting.

Biblical Fasting

January 6, 2019 • Pastor Paul Smith

This week we look at the Biblical parameters of fasting in regards to culture, explore what Biblical fasting does and reasons to fast.

The Daniel Fast

December 30, 2018 • Pastor Paul Smith

Daniel 9:1-4, 10:1-3. An introduction into the Christian teaching and practice of fasting and the purpose and practice of the Daniel Fast.