Easter 2023

Easter Sunday- 7 Ways to Say "I Love You"

April 9, 2023 • Pastor Paul Smith • Luke 23:42–47, John 19:28–30, Luke 23:33–34, John 19:26–27

This Easter Sunday we look at the 7 things Jesus says from the Cross to learn that God's love wants to forgive you, you with Him, to take care of you, to take our punishment, to fulfil the Law for you, to redeem you, and to give us complete victory. Worship Set: Rattle! Behold Him, Death Was Arrested, What He's Done

The Passion of Christ

April 2, 2023 • Pastor Paul Smith • John 13:1–17

We begin a two part Easter series looking today at a part of the Easter story we often overlook, Jesus washing his disciples feet during the last supper. From Jesus we will learn about his passion, loving to the end, receiving love, and understanding to reciprocate love. Worship Set: Christ is Risen, Gratitude, Christ Be Magnified, Hope Has a Name