The Originals

Genesis 1:1-6:9

Original Ancestry

December 4, 2016 • Howard Satterthwaite

A terrible past you can’t run from; a terrific future you can walk into

Original Family

November 27, 2016 • Dan Skead

Family was the original plan for human flourishing. But when sin enters the equation there is division instead of multiplication. It’s only when we find our place in the right family that we can flourish again

Original Justice

November 20, 2016 • Howard Satterthwaite

God is just; you can’t have justice without him

Original Lies

November 6, 2016 • Howard Satterthwaite

Deliverance from demonic deception

Original Sex

October 30, 2016 • Howard Satterthwaite

God created sex; He knows how it works best

Original Identity

October 23, 2016 • Charles Kasenene

Looking in on the Garden, we see the significance, the satisfaction and the direction we so desperately long for

Original God

October 16, 2016 • Howard Satterthwaite

The eternally, generous, all-powerful God made known in creation & Christ