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No matter what you're wearing, how many tattoos you've got, or whether you voted in or out, you're welcome to join us! We're a family of all sorts, joined together simply by the good news of Jesus. Westminster Chapel (or 'Chapel') is a church based in Central London, UK. We've designed this app as a first port of call for newcomers, and as a means of creating community with all who attend our church. The Chapel App is packed with content and resources to help you grow and stay connected. With this app you can: - Sign up to stay in touch and find out more about joining our church - Watch or listen to past messages. - Sign up for events - Stay up to date with push notifications - Share your favourite messages via Twitter, Facebook, or email - Download messages for offline listening - Join a Life Group - Get regular prayer points and updates …and so much more, as we seek to grow and develop this app!