Conquering Evil With Good

Romans 12:1-21 • July 28, 2019 • Andy Neely

How do you respond to those who treat you unfairly, who have evil intentions towards you? Our natural response is to treat them in the same way we have been treated. Jesus calls us to live differently. This message explores how the gospel empowers us and demonstrates to us how we can conquer evil with good.

Calculating Christian Payback

Romans 12:17-20 • July 21, 2019 • Jacob Shatzer

Studying Romans 12:17-20, we learn “Payback” is not an option. We are called to be at peace with everyone, and to trust the justice of God.

Live In Harmony

Romans 12:16 • July 7, 2019 • Andy Neely

Are you at peace today? Listen now as Pastor Andy shares from Romans 12:16 about how we are called to live in harmony with one another.

Jealousy: Cause and Cure

Romans 12:15 • June 30, 2019 • Andy Neely

When God Is At The Center

Romans 12:11-13 • June 23, 2019 • Paul Helms

How does life look different when God is at the center of our lives? Listen now as Paul Helms shares how a vision of God's glory and grace ignites our passion, gives us a transformed perspective, and opens our hearts and homes for the advance of the Gospel.

When Life Gets Tough: Hope, Patience, and Prayer

Romans 12:12 • June 16, 2019 • Andy Neely

Praying persistently is one of the life hacks that God has given us to sustain us through the difficult times and seasons of life. Listen now as Pastor Andy shares from Romans 12:12.

Genuine Love

Romans 12:9-10 • June 9, 2019 • Andy Neely

What does it mean to love without hypocrisy? Listen now as Pastor Andy shares one of the most important life hacks of all: how to know, receive, and live out God's genuine love.

Hacking Pride

Romans 12:3-8 • June 2, 2019 • Andy Neely

If we are honest, we all struggle with thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought to in day to day life. Listen now as Pastor Andy shares how we can escape our own selfish pride and find true humility by living life in the body Christ.

Discovering God's Will

Romans 12:1-2 • May 26, 2019 • Andy Neely

How do you know God's will for your life? Listen now as Pastor Andy continues our new sermon series, Life Hacks.

Where Transformation Begins: Worship

Romans 12:1-2 • May 19, 2019 • Andy Neely

Where does transformation begin in your life? Listen now as Pastor Andy shares from Romans 12:1-2 about the real source of transformation in our lives -- worship.