Generations for the Gospel

Generations for the Glory of God

1 Chronicles 29:1-19 • November 17, 2019 • Andy Neely

All of Creation exists for the glory of God. Concluding the Generations series, Pastor Andy illustrates from 1 Chronicles 29 how King David's possessions were leveraged for the glory of God, and even the next generation for His glory.

Faithful Listeners

Job 8:8-13 • November 10, 2019 • Andy Neely

We live in the story of God, whose plans and purposes are eternal. We must listen to the Scriptures, and we must listen to each other. "Wisdom is found with the elderly, and understanding comes with a long life" (Job 12:12).

Faithful Proclaimers

Psalm 78:1-11 • November 3, 2019 • Andy Neely

Pastor Andy preaches from Psalm 78, continuing the Generations Series. As we move forward together, we must hold tightly to the truth but loosely to tradition. Ultimately, we must live out the Gospel truths we say we believe.