Donkeys, Elephants, The Lion and the Lamb

The Gospel: Our Task and Treasure

Acts 20:17-38 • November 13, 2016 • Andy Neely

What drove the apostle Paul to live out his faith and sacrifice everything for God's mission to save sinners? Listen as Pastor Andy concludes our Fall series in Acts 20, where we learn from the apostle Paul about (1) God's task for us to share the Gospel and (2) how it is only possible to live this way if we treasure the Good News of Jesus Christ in our own lives.

Being Salt: Faithful Living

1 Peter 2:13-25 • November 6, 2016 • Andy Neely

God has called us as Christians to live lives that are different. The Bible even says that we are set apart by God and called to be 'holy' before Him. Listen now as Pastor Andy teaches from 1 Peter 2 on the different ways that this applies first to our own hearts, and second in our communities and society as a whole.

Being Salt: Faithful Proclaiming

Luke 14:34-35 • October 30, 2016 • Andy Neely

How can Christians engage the world when our convictions are not always welcome at the table? In our culture today, many of us are guilty of seeking to 'live out' our Christian convictions while remaining quiet about our faith. On the other hand, some of us find ourselves on the opposite end. We can be very vocal about our faith but not show the practical love and compassion of Jesus to others in need. Listen now as Pastor Andy shares how we can pursue faithfulness through loving action and Gospel words from Jesus' teaching in Matthew 5 on being salt and light.

Love In Action

Mark 12:28-33 • October 23, 2016 • Dr. Kevin Ezell

Listen as Dr. Kevin Ezell, current president of the North American Mission Board, shares from Mark 12 about what it looks like to truly love God and love our neighbors in Jackson and greater North America.

Following God in Babylon

Jeremiah 29:4-14 • October 16, 2016 • Andy Neely

"For I know the plans I have for you..." are words that bring many Christians comfort and hope. Listen as Pastor Andy teaches the history of these verses from Jeremiah and challenges us to see our current political and social situation in light of God's call to 'follow God in Babylon'.

Jesus Our Future Hope and Present Faith

Revelation 5:1-14 • October 2, 2016 • Andy Neely

What does Scripture mean when it says that Jesus is the Lion of Judah *and* the Lamb that was slain? And how does that relate to our current situation in the world and our future hope? Listen now as Pastor Andy preaches from Revelation 5 on how Jesus alone is worthy of our trust now and our hope for the future.