Jesus Rides

April 5, 2020 • Mike Toluba • Matthew 21:1-11 and Philippians 2:5-8

Thanks for joining for Sunday worship on this Palm Sunday. Our theme for worship revolves around the servant nature of Jesus. Easter is only one week away! For many years, Wesley has sought to serve others around Easter by raising awareness and funds for a missional cause. Our student leaders discerned God leading us to support a local organization in Tallahassee that served people experiencing homelessness. So we are supporting Wisdom's Wellspring which provides transitional housing for women for one to two years and empowers women to break the cycle of dependency in their lives. Wisdom's Wellspring is very an outstanding ministry and connected to many of our United Methodist churches in our area. It happens by the leadership of many volunteers, and they have no full-time staff. With our Wesley community being scattered across the country with online classes since Spring Break, our campaign to support Wisdom's Wellspring is completely online. I know this is a difficult time for many people, and several people in our Wesley community are out of work. However, we have a call from God to serve others in whatever we that we are able. Checkout our fundraising link for Wisdom's Wellspring. Give whatever you can. No gift is too small. If you have nothing to give, please share about Wisdom's Wellspring with others. The challenge is to invite 10 people to give 10 dollars for Wisdom's Wellspring. Let's do all the good that we can to help Wisdom's Wellspring as we prepare to celebrate Easter next Sunday. Call or text Mike anytime at 850-544-7087 or email mike@fsuwesley.com

How is it with your soul?

March 29, 2020 • Mike Toluba

Thanks for joining us for our first online worship of the semester! Wesley is going virtual with all of its gatherings for the rest of the semester. Each week, we will have our worship video, message notes, and other helpful resources here on our mobile app. Our theme for worship this week is around this important question. How it is with your soul? This is one of the most formative questions that early Methodist people would ask each other weekly in their gatherings. The Methodist movement was very organized as Societies, Classes, and Bands. The societies were larger gatherings similar to a local church today. The classes were smaller groups like your family groups or a Sunday School class. The bands were the smallest of groups like an accountability group or even like dusting here at Wesley. I have been participating in a discipleship band with 4 more friends through online video conferencing since October 2019. My band group has been a huge blessing in my life. Maybe during these time of physical distancing from others, you might be interested in starting a discipleship band. Or maybe you would enjoy continuing your family group or dusting relationship with folks from Wesley. Our Wesley staff wants to support you and your spiritual needs during this time while so many of us are away from campus and Tallahassee. There are links this week about discipleship bands as a resource for anyone who is interested. There is even a great Band App that has lots of readings for you to enjoy. Contact Mike Toluba if you have any questions of need more information about discipleship bands or anything else. Mike's cell is 850-544-7087 or email mike@fsuwesley.com. Hope you enjoy Wesley's online worship this week.

Giving Our Best

March 8, 2020 • Mike Toluba

It is THAT POINT in the semester - getting weary and ready for Spring Break yet? We are talking about Giving Our Best during our worship series for Lent. Real spiritual transformation happens when we don't get tired of doing good. #LetsGetLent


40 days of spiritual transformation • March 1, 2020 • Mike Toluba

We are kicking off our worship series for Lent 2020. We will explore the 40 days that Jesus spent fasting in the desert and learn from the temptations that Jesus endured. Let's Get Lent! We encouraging people to share moments of spiritual growth and transformation. Use this hashtag across social media: #LetsGetLent