May 16, 2021 • Associate Pastor Tim Pillsbury

You've learned throughout this series that not only are we called to share our faith, we're also ready to share and have something to say. So why is it that we don't. In this final installment of our Outreach series, Associate Pastor Tim Pillsbury shares about the final gift that God has given us that makes it all come together: BOLDNESS.


May 9, 2021 • Lead Pastor Craig Morton

Did you know that what you've seen and heard about Jesus can be a powerful testimony to other people? Lead Pastor Craig Morton takes us through examples in the Bible of people like us whose witness is very simple: they just relate what they know about God.


May 2, 2021 • Lead Pastor Craig Morton

So often it seems like there's no way we could ever get our friends to come to church. But the truth is, if asked, 80% of people would come! Lead Pastor Craig Morton dives into how you can do outreach and invite your friends to church to encounter Jesus.

Outreach: Come & See

April 11, 2021 • Pastor Tim Pillsbury

What keeps us from sharing the Gospel with others? And is it really as complicated as we think it is? Associate Pastor Tim Pillsbury kicks off a new series on Outreach by preaching from John 4 about talking to people about Jesus.


April 25, 2021 • Lead Pastor Craig Morton

Sharing your experience with Jesus isn't difficult. As Christians, we have a lot to offer other people! Join us as Lead Pastor Craig Morton continues our series on Outreach by exploring how to share your faith with others.


April 18, 2021 • Lead Pastor Craig Morton

Should we do evangelism? And if so, how? Lead Pastor Craig Morton explores how much Jesus prioritized evangelism and how it lines up with God's values.