Journey To Believe

Believe Together

Perfect Picture Or Perfect In Pieces • May 21, 2017 • Shane Schlesman

God says, I Am. Community says, me too!

Believe in the Transfer

May 14, 2017 • Sue Schlesman

What will keep your children safe? Not their own wisdom, and not even the greatest mother on earth. Only hearts that follow God. The greatest belief you can transfer is the one that’s transformed you.

Believe The Process

May 7, 2017 • Shane Schlesman

Fill the cravings that give you satisfaction and you may miss the cravings that bring you salvation.

The Common Denominator

April 30, 2017 • Jeremy Woltz

It's not what we believe in, but who we believe in that matters.

Myths We Believe

April 23, 2017 • Shane Schlesman

If you are a believer, make sure you use God’s lens to view yourself—He can’t accept your sin, but he can forgive it without condition. If you are not a believer, your perspective must begin at the cross.

Journey Week One

April 16, 2017 • Shane Schlesman

Will you invite Jesus on the journey with you today and recognize what He wants to do in your life today?