You Will Sprout Again

January 31, 2021 • Chuck Balsamo

Pastor Chuck Balsamo returns to WEAG as a guest speaker with a powerful message from the Word of God following a year of many significant challenges. You may feel that much of your life has been cut down, but take heart, God is at work ready to sprout new growth in your life. Pastor Chuck encourages a 3-step ceremony... - Respect the stump - Recognize the scent of rain - Reveal the new sprout God doesn't want you to go back and put the tree back on the dead stump of your past. He wants to prepare you for what's next. This needs to be the season of standing up again as you come alive more than ever in the power of Jesus Christ. --- Here at WEAG everyone belongs and is welcome. This is a place where you can explore faith, ask questions, and see who God truly is. Through positive community, engaging music, and applicable encouragement, we hope you find WEAG to be a home for you. Join us at https://watch.weag.online If you'd like to watch and meet others in our community at the same time! Get to know us better by visiting https://weag.church