Mother's Day - Stories From The Well

Celebrating the church's support of motherhood

May 13, 2018 • Bob Laughlin • John 4

Five moms with unique backgrounds share their stories of motherhood and the support they found from a loving church family. Pastor Bob Laughlin reminds us that we are all part of God's family and encourages us to be a well of Jesus' living water that nourishes others. #WEAG #WEAGtv #livestream #church #service #sermon #worship #prayer #mothers #moms #motherhood #stories #inspiration #whereyoumatter #RVA #Richmond

What's Your Plan?

Living Legacy part six - Missions Emphasis Two • February 10, 2019 • Shane Schlesman

How do you plan to change the world? To make a mark? To transform lives? To share the love of Christ as He first loved you? In this second week of Missions Emphasis, Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman explores the principle, promise, and plan of God for our lives to be our brother's keeper. #sermon #missions #transformation #love #God #promise #hope #trip #project #care #compassion #international #travel #construction #medical #impact #together #community #outreach #series #richmond #virginia #rva #weag #weagtv

Make It Personal

Missions Emphasis 2019 week one • February 3, 2019 • Lisa Eggert

The world is suffering. There are people who are poor, hungry, alone, rejected, mistreated, and hopeless. Jesus loved them so much He stepped onto the mission field and stepped into the "game" that is our lives to save us. Are you willing to get in the game? To step onto the field of play? To make personal the welfare of another? This year, would you be willing to cross your street, jump in a car or board a plane to go somewhere? This year, would you be willing to step out of your comfort zone and enter into someone else’s story? This year, would you be willing to sacrifice your time and your money so that you might be able to show up for someone? Might we come back together next year at this time with an outpouring of stories about how we went and made personal the redemption of lives everywhere in 2019! Visit http://weag.org/missions to explore the many ways you can Make It Personal.

From Generation To Generation

Living Legacy part four • January 27, 2019 • Shane Schlesman

The world attempts to stereotype and generalize but Jesus sees you! He sees who you are He has called you to a work that is perfectly suited to your age, your skills, and your faith. He knows your name. It is a name that only Jesus can give.