Compassion Sunday #SponsorAChild

Moved part four

November 4, 2018 • Kennedy Krezi • also with Sue and Shane Schlesman

Jesus LOVED children. He was moved to compassion when He saw them. He rebuked adults for hindering kids and even told us to be like children. 11 children under the age of 5 die every minute. In fact, about 7,000 newborn babies die each day due to conditions of poverty. 20% of children under age 5 are undernourished. And, if they do live into school-age years, an estimated 61 million worldwide can't attend school. Child sponsorship works! According to an independent study, Compassion-sponsored children are: - 50-80% more likely to graduate from college - 35% more likely to have white-collar jobs - 30-75% more likely to become community leaders For $38 a month, you can provide education, nutrition, medical care, and most importantly, a hope and a future for a child. By sponsoring through @compassion you are fulfilling the Great Commission: to go and make disciples of all nations. 🌎 Get involved TODAY. Visit compassion.com. 🌎 #moved #compassionsunday #sponsor #children #poverty #hunger #underprivilege #food #water #safety #security #education #future #sermon #series #guest #speaker #Kenya #rva #Richmond #Virginia #weag

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Broken Families

Moved • November 11, 2018 • Jeremy and Melissa Woltz

God heals broken families. He is moved to compassion and is faithful to reveal His plan. Hear the story of how being dependent on God through some very challenging circumstances changed the lives of two families. We welcome Pastor and Mrs. Jeremy and Melissa Woltz to the stage to share their story and close out the 5-week series called MOVED.

Put Your Faith In Action

Moved part three • October 28, 2018 • Shane Schlesman

Faith requires us to be willing to wait. And, willing to act. When and how can be difficult to determine when our motivations are not properly aligned with God's heart and will. It is easy to find faith following a victory. There will always be a bandwagon for God, people who come around looking for a feel-good answer and success, but few will still act in faith when all are against them. Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman visits a story told in 1 Samuel chapters 13 and 14 to compare and contrast how King Saul, his son Jonathan, and king-to-be David each put their faith in action ... or failed to do so. #sermon #series #MOVED #Bible #faith #action #patience #will #trust #God #weag #rva #richmond

Moving the Heart of God

MOVED part two • October 21, 2018 • Shane Schlesman

When we pray we typically ask God to align His heart and desires with ours, but then something amazing and unexpected happens. Jesus is able to perform His greatest work in us and through us when we pray to move the heart of God. Lead Pastor Shane Schlesman relates two overlapping stories from a day in Jesus life with the challenges of modern travel. Watch and be encouraged that God still moves mountains. Share with others who need renewed hope, too. How do you want God to move in your life? #sermon #series #moved #God #heart #Jesus #mountain #faith #hope #life #rva #richmond #virginia #weag