Jesus Has Authority to Forgive Sin

November 5, 2017 • Ashley Brown • Luke 5:17-26

God alone has the authority to forgive sins, and yet Jesus claimed to have this authority for Himself. As evidence of His authority and God’s confirmation of it, Jesus performed a miraculous healing. In front of a pressing crowd Jesus commanded a paralyzed man to get up and walk – and, immediately, he did.

The Rich Man and Lazarus

January 20, 2019 • Pastor Ashley

Jesus made a practice of confronting the way people view and use money. This led Him to confront the Pharisees, who were lovers of money, on numerous occasions. One of these confrontations is recorded in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, which we will look at today.

The Parable of the Dishonest Manager

January 13, 2019 • Joel Stamoolis

Although Jesus concludes this parable with a simple directive and then explains the reasoning behind his directive, Christians often find this parable and the accompanying directive perplexing. Our goal this morning is to slow down and listen carefully to the words of Jesus, that we may hear him well and obey.

The Gospel of Repentance

December 16, 2018 • Larry Kroon

At the heart of the gospel is the call to repentance. At the heart of the call to repentance is the heart of God. Our goal today is to hear God’s heart in the words of Jesus, and to hear it in such a way that we will ever hear the call to repentance for the glorious good news that it is.