The Gospel of Repentance

December 16, 2018 • Larry Kroon • Luke 15

At the heart of the gospel is the call to repentance. At the heart of the call to repentance is the heart of God. Our goal today is to hear God’s heart in the words of Jesus, and to hear it in such a way that we will ever hear the call to repentance for the glorious good news that it is.


April 21, 2019 • Larry Kroon

The Christian witness is simple. It is foundational. It is defendable. And it is, above all, Good News. This Resurrection Sunday we gather to give voice to that witness as God’s People holding to God’s Word, filled by God’s Spirit. “The Lord has risen indeed!”


April 14, 2019 • Larry Kroon

We have spent two school years working our way through the Gospel of Luke as a congregation on Sunday mornings. With this Easter season we now come to the end: crucifixion, resurrection, mission. Today we look at how best to remember it all in a heart-shaping and life-forming way.

The Last Days

April 7, 2019 • Ashley Brown

During Jesus’ final days in Jerusalem, He pointed people to the culmination of human history–His ultimate return as the King of all creation. Prior to His future coming, His people would face great persecution, and they needed to stand firm, enduring in their faith. Today’s passage looks at Jesus’ teaching and warning to His followers.