Gracious Confrontation

March 12, 2023 • Efrain Cirilo • 2 Samuel 12:1–24, Psalm 32:3–5

When we fall into a trap of sin, we need someone to help us get out of it. What e all need from time to time is a gracious confrontation. David was going down a wrong path and headed in the wrong direction. God come in his love and mercy to confront David's sin. As we move into 2 Samuel 12, Pastor Efrain will help us see that a gracious confrontation leads to Godly restoration.

Last Lessons From David

March 19, 2023 • Josh Gosney • 1 Chronicles 28:2–9

As we close out the Story of David series, Pastor Josh Gosney shows us the lessons we learn as David closes out his life. Pastor Josh shows in scripture how if we trust God with our resources He will show us that He is the true provider.

David's Downfall

March 5, 2023 • Josh Gosney • 2 Samuel 11

In week 5 of the series "The Story of David," Pastor Josh explains how David handled his temptations and how we can learn from these situations using 2 Samuel 11. He tells us how it is easier to avoid temptation than it is to resist it. He also details what can happen when sin has our hearts and what we can do to not go down the wrong path.

When Temptation Looks Like a Blessing

February 26, 2023 • Wade Bearden • 1 Samuel 24:1–7

This week Pastor Wade Bearden dives into 1 Samuel 24 as he talks about temptation and what it does to us. He shows us that sometimes we don't know when we are being tempted and how we can look at David and learn from how he dealt with his own temptations.