Mark tells three stories that all point to the Lordship of Jesus. In a manner of speaking, Jesus is absolutely King of this Kingdom He is ushering in.

Kingdom Basics

Exploring the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus is ushering in.

Introduction To Mark

Who really is Jesus? What was His mission? What does it mean to follow Him?

Jesus For The Forgotten

As Jesus begins his ministry, He interacted, and in a few cases healed, those who were forgotten and disregarded by the religious elite of the day.

Demands of a Disciple

The Art of Neighboring

Vision Sunday

Christmas Isn't Canceled

Christmas reminds us that God is at work even in the struggle and beauty of life.

Thanks And Giving

This series addresses how we can develop a heart of gratitude to God.

A Sojourner's Guide

Helping you navigate your way through a temporary dwelling place.

Yours Is The Kingdom

Exploring what it means to be Kingdom people by looking at a Kingdom prayer.

Psalm 46 - Be Still

Living with confidence requires surrendering to Jesus.

Scattered Church

A practical field guide for Christ followers trying to figure our faith during tough times.

A Special Message

Turn to Jesus and bring our brokenness to Him!


The Church During Difficult Times

Words From The Cross

Easter Series

Between Two Worlds

How we maintain our walk and witness in a world that is losing its way.

The One Thing That Changes Everything

Helping people develop a life pattern of daily study of the Bible beyond the verse for the day.

Twenty Twenty

Vision Casting Messages

Thrill of Hope

Finding hope in a world that seems to be lacking.


More than a meme.