We Are The Church

One Hit Wonders

Winning The War In Your Mind

Easter 2022

Prove It

A Christian’s life should be living proof of their connection to the Father. Essentially, our sacrificial love for others is a testament of our sacrificial love for God.


Looking at what it takes to have faith in a world filled with spiritual opposition.

Stand Alone Sermon

Nativity Scene

The nativity was the scene that ushered in the promises of God for salvation and the presence of God to live among us.

I Am Jesus

To the dead man, Jesus was life. To the prostitute, He was a second chance. To the searching, He was the long-awaited answer. Discover what it means when He says, "I Am Jesus."

The Final Days of Jesus

The closer we get to the cross, the more detail Mark gives to Jesus’ final days.

The Controversial King

After establishing himself as King, Jesus now shows them that He’s no ordinary King.

The Most Important Question

Everything has led up to the question that Jesus asks of his followers. And in manner of speaking, everything hinges on how we each answers the same question.

A Misunderstood Messiah

By allowing people to wrestle with all the misunderstanding, Mark is helping his reader gain clarity that Jesus really is Lord, even if people don’t get it.


Mark tells three stories that all point to the Lordship of Jesus. In a manner of speaking, Jesus is absolutely King of this Kingdom He is ushering in.

Kingdom Basics

Exploring the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus is ushering in.

Introduction To Mark

Who really is Jesus? What was His mission? What does it mean to follow Him?

Jesus For The Forgotten

As Jesus begins his ministry, He interacted, and in a few cases healed, those who were forgotten and disregarded by the religious elite of the day.

Demands of a Disciple

The Art of Neighboring

Vision Sunday