His Glory, My Story

Keep it REAL

August 27, 2023 • Sean Bynum • James 1:1–12

The book of James teaches us that our joy does not come from a lack of suffering; we can find joy in our trials. Pastor Sean Bynum reminds us that joy is not circumstantial; joy is found in Christ. We can consider it a great joy to suffer trials when we focus on: righteousness, encouragement, availability, and love.

A Life Well-Shared

August 20, 2023 • Sandy Roberts • 1 Thessalonians 2:1–12

Pastor Sandy Roberts has a realization to share with us: Sharing your Life in Community Involves Exhortation, Sacrifice, Care, and Pursuit. Sandy exhorts the church in this message to be a church that strives for community as God intended it.

The Furnace of Affliction

August 13, 2023 • Brandon Russell

In His Presence

August 6, 2023 • Gilbert Todd • Luke 10:38–42

Martha and Mary had different reactions to an unexpected visit from Jesus. From these two examples, Pastor Gilbert Todd has a challenge for us: Don’t be so busy doing things for God, that you don’t have time to be with God!

Raise Your Gaze

July 30, 2023 • Ryan Brooks, • 1 Kings 18—19

When the prophet Elijah faced discouragement and even depression, it was only by lifting his gaze to God and seeing His greater plans that Elijah found comfort and purpose for his life. Guest pastor Ryan Brooks reminds us that our gaze upon God draws us away from our discouragement of self.

The Plot Twist

July 23, 2023 • KO Grissett • Titus 3:1–11

Each and every one of our stories cannot be glorified until they are touched by God. He is the plot twist, when He takes over our lives and inserts Himself and His glory into our stories.

The Call to Endure

July 16, 2023 • Sandy Roberts • Hebrews 12:1–13

God’s call to Endure will involve Saints and His Son.

The Humble Servant

July 9, 2023 • Gilbert Todd • John 13:1–17

Why Me?

July 2, 2023 • Jerome Gay Jr. • Judges 6

Gideon's profile doesn't fit that of someone who is mighty, yet the angel of the Lord calls him a valiant warrior. This story not only shows us how low Israel is, but it also reveals what God can do when we yield to His Spirit. With all his issues, God calls Gideon a mighty man of valiant warrior. Because He doesn’t choose us based on qualifications, pedigree, gifting, or family tree, He chooses to call us from His grace and for His glory.