Oneness 2023

The Beauty of Oneness

October 1, 2023 • Jerome Gay Jr. • Matthew 19:4–6

Marriage is an exclusive covenant between one man and one woman, ordained and sealed by God, preceded by the leaving of parents, consummated in sexual union, issuing in a permanent mutually supportive partnership. To protect the oneness of the marriage couples MUST establish healthy boundaries with their parents. - Relational – what level of access or influence will you allow your parents to have? This must be established dependent upon their spiritual view and ability to communicate. - Parental – what do you allow your parents to say to your children?  - Time – set boundaries around time, spending hours talking to your parents may be impacting your spouse in way that you’re unaware of. - Communication – set boundaries on how you allow your parents to talk to your spouse and what you share with them.  - Financial – make sure you’re not dependent or being manipulated financially by your parent(s). - Spiritual – if you don’t share the same beliefs, you must set a boundary.