Visionary Church Leaders

Planting a D6 Church

November 17, 2012 • Dr. Rob Rienow

All Together Church

October 19, 2014 • Dr. Rob Rienow

How To Engage Children in Our Worship Services

September 23, 2015 • Rob Rienow

Family Worship: Your Church's Most Important "Program"

Rob Rienow

Family Ministry for Non-Traditional Families

September 12, 2012 • Rob Rienow

Family Ministry for the Externally-Focused Church

September 19, 2013 • Dr. Rob Rienow

Family ministry is an essential ingredient for any church that wants to reach the lost, care for the poor, and advance global missions. In this breakout from the D6 2013 Conference, Dr. Rob Rienow will help you developing a multi-generational strategy for your church's Great Commission ministry.

The Lost Doctrine of Jurisdiction

Dr. Rob Rienow

God has created four fundamental institutions – the individual, the family, the church, and the government. In the Bible God gives each of these institutions specific roles and responsibilities (jurisdictions). Understanding these Biblical jurisdictions is essential for any believer who wants to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. To dig deeper into the biblical doctrine of jurisdiction, read Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom – Uniting Church and Family in the Great Commission. http://visionaryfam.com/product/limited-church-unlimited-kingdom/