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March 31, 2019 • Wendy Howson • Exodus 3:13-15

In our series ‘Revealed’, it’s wonderful to know that the actual, personal name of God is ‘Yahweh’ in Hebrew or ‘Jehovah’ in English and that it means ‘the Revealing One’ - the One who reveals his character, his essence, and his ways intimately and individually to us! The life, death and resurrection of Jesus revealed the perfect fulfilment of ‘Jehovah Saves’, the true meaning of Jeshua.

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Mark heads out onto the streets of St Albans

Mark heads out onto the streets of St Albans to find out if people know the meanings of their names and whether they do in fact relate to their personality or character.

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The Names of God • Mark Helvadjian

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What's in a Name? • March 17, 2019 • Mark Helvadjian

What’s in a name? In ancient writings, a name represented the very nature of a person, the essence of who they were. God has many names, each one revealing an important facet of who He is and His promises to us.