Salvation Prayer

Want to accept Jesus into your heart or help someone do so? Pray this prayer out aloud with Ps Marika. NEXT STEPS: 1) Get in touch with us. Don't do this on your own - we are here for you. call us at 9202 7111 and let us know what happened! 2) TELL THE WORD! Yes, everyone won't understand but that's ok. You are now a new creation. 3) Go to church. You don't need to come to our church but please get in contact with a Spirit Filled Bible-believing church (call us if you need recommendations). Why go to church? Because it's a place where you can grow and create incredible friendships that will help you in your journey! From everyone here at Victory, welcome to the family!

Prayer for Healing

Prayer Against Cancer

There is no name higher than the name of Jesus! We want to stand with you - send us an email via the link below.

Prayer Against Migraines & Arthritis

Prayer For Peace & Healing

Hi, We are with you and believe that God is powerful to do a miracle in your life. We'd love to hear from you and be a part of your journey to Peace & Healing. Blessings, VLC Team.

Prayer Against Arthritis

Prayer Against Skin Conditions

Prayer Against Back and Joint Pain

Healing Prayer

Prayer Against Depression & Addiction