Dr. Patricia Weerakoon | Intimacy & Aging


May 5, 2019 • Dr. Patricia Weerakoon

It was a pleasure to have Dr. Patricia Weerakoon speaking at our church recently. Here's a bit about Dr. Patricia. Christians claim to know God – the God who, having created us, tells us how to act in healthy, life-affirming ways, including how to behave sexually. The Christian church has a positive duty to help people form a healthy sexual self-identity, and behave in healthy, appropriate ways. As an Evangelical Christian, all of Patricia’s work flows from a Biblical, Christ-centred worldview. She has spent many years developing a framework of Biblically informed seminars and lectures in healthy human sexuality. Her presentations challenge the listeners to reflect on how they could better live their whole lives including their sexuality to God’s glory. Her presentations are appropriate for a range of audiences. Some talks are specifically focussed on building up Christians at different stages of life; while others are evangelistic and appeal to a broader group. Enjoy!

Special Guest Speaker From Indonesia Dr. Ir. Niko Njotorahardjo

Dr. Ir. Niko Njotorahardjo • June 9, 2019 • Dr. Ir. Niko Njotorahardjo

Dr. Ir. Niko Njotorahardjo Senior Pastor of GBI Jl Gatot Subroto. Be sure to share this wonderful message with your Indonesian friends.

Pentecost Sunday

Ps Margaret Court • June 9, 2019 • Ps Margaret Court

Victory Podcast | 21 Days Prayer| Ep.4

June 10, 2019 • Ps Margaret Court

4th Episode of Victory Podcast with our very own Ps Margaret Court Senior Pastor of Victory Life Centre. On this episode we recap the recent Federal Election and the results of the 21 Days of Nation Wide Prayer.