Building Life on God’s Kingdom

Salt & Light

Blended • September 6, 2020 • Jeremiah Stone

Read Matthew 5:13-16 • What do we normally think it means to be the “salt” of the earth”? Describe someone who is considered to be the “salt of the earth”. What does Jesus mean when he says to be the “salt of the earth”? • What does Jesus’ comment about salt that has “lost its taste” seem to refer to? What is Jesus warning his listeners then and now against? • What do we normally think it means to be “the light of the world”? What does this “light” seem to refer to? What does it mean to “let it shine before others”? • Jesus uses the images of a city on a hill and a lamp on a lampstand deliberately. What do those two illustrations add to our understanding of what it means to be the “light of the world”. • What “good works” is Jesus talking about in verse 16? List some examples.

Our True Identity

Blended • August 30, 2020 • Butch Williams

Read Matthew 5:9-11 1. After reading the final three beatitude, do you agree with the statement “Being a Christian is not for sissies?” Why or why not? 2. Labels like gender, political affiliation, relationships, or even our favorite football team describe who we are. What are some of the labels that define you? 3. Do your actions, words, and even social posts reflect your choice to follow Christ? Why or why not? 4. Jesus was a barrier breaker and a bridge builder. Can you think of times in scripture when you saw Jesus do those things? Are you a barrier breaker and a bridge builder? Give examples. 5. Where can your true identify be found?

More Lessons from the Master

Blended • August 23, 2020 • Bill Brunson

Read Matthew 5:6-8 1. As we continue our sermon series of the Beatitudes, what does this quote mean to you? "Let the things most important to God be the most important things to you." Are you living your life based on this idea? If so, in what areas of your life do you need to improve? 2. To hunger and thirst for righteousness is to allow God’s will to rule in us. Where in your life is God’s will in charge? Where in your life do you need to allow God’s will to rule? 3. Blessed are the merciful for they will receive mercy. Mercy is what we receive when we do not deserve it. When have you received mercy in your life? How did it make you feel? When have you offered someone else mercy? When have you offered judgment instead of mercy to someone? 4. Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God. Far too often we clutter up our hearts with all the wrong things: anger, an unwillingness to forgive, and our drive for more and more material possessions. If our hearts are cluttered with too many other things, there is no room for God. What do you need to “declutter” in your heart to allow more room for God? Is your heart too cluttered to see what God is doing in the world so you can join Him?

Happy are You

Blended • August 16, 2020 • Kipp McClurg

1) What does it mean to you to be blessed? Name some examples. A different translation of the Greek word, blessed, can also be happy. What does it mean to you to be happy? Name some examples. Is there a difference between being blessed and being happy? 2) Happy are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. This sounds counter to our culture, but to be poor in spirit teaches us to acknowledge the pretense in our lives and how we are often not honest with ourselves. We are all broken. In what places in your life are you poor in spirit? How will you allow God to work in those broken places? 3) Happy are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Life is full of all kinds of mourning, but it is more than a death. Mourning can be moving to a new city, loss of a job, even a retirement. Where are the sorrows in your life and how will you make space for God to comfort and heal you? 4 ) Happy are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. This beatitude makes little sense in a world that rewards power. Yet God calls us to look at life in a new way and tells us to work from a place of humility. Where are the prideful places in your life? Where are the places of humility? How will you allow God the space to work so you will have a kingdom life of happiness?