NCCA 2019

Why Truth Still Matters

Dialog: What Does it Mean to Say the Bible is Inerrant?

How Did Job Speak Rightly About God?

Progressive Christianity: A Biblical Response to a Growing Movement

Rethinking Apologetics for the 21st Century

Updating the Resurrection Time-Line Argument

Return of the God Hypothesis

Sex and Your Commanding Officer

Lightning Round Plenary Session

?Qui?n eres tu para decir?

The Truth About Gender Neutrality

The Resurrection of Jesus from Dying and Rising Gods?: An Investigator Examines the Evidence

Human Beings 2.0 - A Christian Response to the Trans-humanism Movement

What Your Church Needs More Than Apologetics (hint: it involves apologetics)

Why God Is Not a Moral Being and How It Relates to the Problem of Evil

You Were Made for This! Sharing Reasons Why Christianity Makes the Most Sense of Reality