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Remaining Steadfast in an Upside Down World

Engage and Equip: A Christian Conversation about Extraterrestrial Phenomena - Part 1/4

October 6, 2022 • Dr. Brian Huffling

In this first video, Dr. Brian Huffling, a professor at SES and a master’s student in the Air Force, shares his research on the topic of UFOs or UAPs and their implications for national security and the Christian worldview. He will cover some of the historical and current evidence for UFOs, as well as some of the different perspectives and interpretations of what they are and what they mean. He will also explore the possibility that UFOs are part of a spiritual control system that influences human consciousness and belief systems. He will draw from various sources, including official documents, radar data, witness testimonies, and occult traditions. This video will challenge you to think critically and biblically about this phenomenon and its implications for your faith and worldview. If you are interested in learning more about UFOs and how to respond to them from a Christian perspective, please watch this video and leave your comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos on apologetics, worldview, and culture. Thank you for watching!

Engage and Equip: A Christian Discussion on Extraterrestrial Phenomena - Part 2/4

Hugh Ross

In this second video, Dr. Hugh Ross, a professional astronomer and a Christian apologist, shares his personal journey of studying UFOs and how he discovered a surprising connection between UFO sightings and occult involvement. He also recounts some of his experiences in the Soviet Union, where he was invited to speak on science and faith. He challenges the atheistic worldview of Carl Sagan, who dismissed UFOs as impossible, and shows how the Bible provides a better explanation for the existence of non-physical reality and angelic beings. He also explains why the popular idea of physical aliens visiting Earth from other planets is scientifically implausible, and how interstellar space travel is extremely difficult and risky.

Engage and Equip: A Christian Discussion on Extraterrestrial Phenomena - Part 3/4

Fuz Rana

In this second video, we are hosting Dr. Fuz Rana, a biochemist and a Christian apologist, who explores the possibility of silicon-based life forms in science fiction and reality. He discusses the inspiration behind the famous Star Trek episode “Devil in the Dark” and the challenges of creating alternative life forms that could survive in different environments. He also reviews the chemistry of silicon and compares it to carbon, the element that forms the basis of life as we know it. He explains why carbon is ideal for producing complex and diverse molecules that are essential for life, and why silicon is not. He also examines the arguments for and against silicon-based life from a recent paper by MIT researchers. If you’re interested in science fiction, biology, astronomy, or just curious about the universe, this video is for you. Watch till the end to learn more about the fascinating topic of silicon-based life and how it relates to our search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Engage and Equip: A Christian Discussion on Extraterrestrial Phenomena - Part 4/4

Hugh Ross, Brian Huffling, Fuz Rana

Watch this QA panel with Dr. Hugh Ross, Dr. Brian Huffling, and Dr. Fuzale Rana as they discuss the Christian perspective on extraterrestrial phenomena. They explore the difference between physical and non-physical reality, the role of spiritual beings, and the implications for the church in the last days. They also share their insights on the Tic Tac video, the occult, LSD, and much more.

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