William Lane Craig and James White on Divine Simplicity

July 5, 2021 • Dr. Brian Huffling

Once again, Dr. William Lane Craig, along with Dr. James White, has mischaracterized Aquinas' view of divine simplicity, its importance, and its implications. This matters because divine simplicity, properly understood, is one of the most important doctrines of God from which the other divine attributes properly follow and are understood. SES professor Dr. Brian Huffling will discuss his recent blog post graciously responding to our brothers' continued misunderstanding and mischaracterizations.

Gender Ideology & 21st Century Christians

September 1, 2021

While many modern conservative Christians uphold the idea that there are two genders, they often inadvertently eviscerate the male and female genders by making the masculine and feminine roles interchangeable. If we disregard the specific man/woman directives and differences in scripture, are we really valuing God’s design for us? Specifically, what should biblical womanhood really look like in the 21st century? Is historic Christianity's view of womanhood outdated and oppressive? Join us as we discuss these issues with SES alumna Nora Hale.

August 5, 2021

Nine Essential Arguments for Effective Apologetics

July 26, 2021

We conclude our overview of the new SES infographic "Nine Essential Arguments for Effective Christian Apologetics" by looking at the final three points that seek to demonstrate the truthfulness of Christianity specifically. The foundation has been laid regarding the nature and knowability of truth, the existence of God, and the fact that miracles are at least possible. Join us as SES Provost Dr. Richard G. Howe walks us through the final steps of our apologetic by examining the reliability of the Bible and the reality of Jesus' resurrection.