Animal Death

A chat with Dr. Kyle Keltz

August 7, 2020 • Eric Gustafson ft. Dr. Kyle Keltz

Do animals have souls? Do they go somewhere when they die? In today's podcast, Eric sits down for a chat with Dr. Kyle Keltz to discuss the nature of animal death.

Kathryn Camp: The Importance of Critical Thinking

August 28, 2020 • Eric Gustafson ft. Kathryn Camp

Kathryn Camp joins Eric Gustafson in this podcast to give an update on her ministry including her work with college and career aged young adults.

Slavery and the Bible

Dr. H.C. Felder

How should we understand the Bible's relationship to slavery? Doesn't the Bible condone slavery? How can Christians say they stand against racism and slavery given all the Bible says? SES alumnus Dr. H.C. Felder dives into these issues as we reach into the NCCA archives to listen to his talk from our 2018 National Conference.

From Faith to Doubt and Back Again

With Alisa Childers and Jon Steingard • August 14, 2020

She's from Zoe Girl; he's from Hawk Nelson. They both struggled through questions and doubt. Now she's an apologist and SES student, and he's a skeptic. Listen to the recording of this honest dialog from a recent Why Do You Believe? LIVE broadcast.