Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker: Scott Thomas

November 13, 2022

Guest Speaker: Jeff Schulte

October 2, 2022


February 6, 2022

Personal Evangelism

November 21, 2021

Go and Pray

October 17, 2021

Guest Speaker Pastor John Boehm from Harbor Church North Shore

The Church That Jesus Wants

October 3, 2021

Guest Speaker: Shaun Garman

May 16, 2021 • Shaun Garman

How To Fix Your Spouse

May 6, 2018 • Matt Loehr

Praying Radically as Jesus Taught.

September 24, 2017 • Pastor Ed Skipper

An Interview with Sasha Rasmussen

October 12, 2014 • Pastor Sasha Rasmussen

Sasha Rasmussen, Pastor Patrick’s college band friend, is now a missionary to Argentina. Patrick interviewed Sasha about the influences that led him to follow God’s call into youth ministry in a country so far away.

Imperishable Hope

August 17, 2014 • Keifer Moskaluk

Keifer Moskaluk, a church planting intern at Soma Church in Tacoma, Washington, shares some of the struggles he has recently faced and how God has shown him that we, as believers, have an imperishable hope in our suffering…that our suffering is not in vain and we are not alone.

Why Forgive?

August 10, 2014 • Pastor Ed Skipper

Do you have a need to forgive? Pastor Ed Skipper talks about three reasons to forgive. First, we forgive others because Christ forgave us. We have received mercy and we must give mercy. Secondly, it is God's job to carry out justice, and God clearly states that vengeance belongs to him. Finally, we need to remember that God is sovereign and is actively at work for our good in every situation.

Seeking Jesus

August 3, 2014 • Pastor Matt Porter

Pastor Matt Porter of Outward Church in Salem, Oregon, takes us through the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19. He highlighted 3 things that Zacchaeus did as he sought Jesus: he ran, he received, and he repented. Even as believers we always need to be seeking Jesus, but we will also always run into barriers…from past church experiences to the busyness of life to personal problems… but Jesus is standing at the door of our hearts, not asking us to take care of all our own problems but to invite him in to dine with us. Don't put off seeking Jesus.

Bigger Story Glory

January 13, 2013 • Pastor Brian Hope

We are locked into small story glory in order to make a name for ourselves, but our hunger is never satisfied. A greater glory is offered to us through Jesus and we live out that bigger story through sacrifice and service. We are called to serve and sacrifice not to gain our identity in Christ, but because of our identity in Christ.

Partnership in the Gospel

August 7, 2011 • Pastor Mike Brown