The Early Church

The Power to Overcome

Acts • May 20, 2018 • Mike Ainsworth

We are all facing different obstacles but one thing is for sure God will see us through. The early church was remarkable at their confidence in what God can do, and how He has empowered us to overcome.

The Power to Stand

Acts • May 27, 2018 • Mike Ainsworth

In this segment of our series "Acts" we discover that standing up for something isn't always easy. The early church was unmatched in their commitment to helping other people find the power to stand.

The Power to Give

Acts • June 3, 2018 • Mike Ainsworth

There are so many things that we all want to get, and are looking forward to having one day. What if I told you that there should be things you cannot wait to give. As followers of Jesus it is so important that we see the value of generosity and how it should be our response to everything that God has done.

The Power to Wait

Acts • June 10, 2018 • Mike Ainsworth

Everyday we are challenged to wait on something. Whether this could be waiting on laundry, or maybe an answer to a question. Waiting is not something any of us like to do, but what about when it comes to our faith? Join us as we discover something the early church was really good at: Waiting.