Haunted Heart

What is Hidden can cause Harm

Haunted by Offense

Haunted Heart • November 5, 2017 • Mike Ainsworth

We all deal with the possibility to be offended or even accidentally offend someone this week. What should we do when offenses arise, and over time how does this affect us in our pursuit to follow Jesus. In part two of "Haunted Heart" Pastor Mike teaches us how offense can haunt our heart, and keep us barred up from what God has called us to.

Three steps to a healthy heart

Haunted Heart • October 29, 2017 • Mike Ainsworth

During the fall season we dress up, and seek the thrill of being scared. What if I told you that most of us experience a heart that is haunted all year long. In this series we are discovering different things in our lives that haunt us, and keep us from what God has called us to. Join us for this first installment as we discover 3 steps to a healthy heart.