Crucial Conversations


March 4, 2018 • Mike Ainsworth

In this first installment in learning "What Would Jesus Do" we realize the power of Crucial Conversations. Jesus took time to talk with people, and the result was always the same: People encountered the love of God, and were forever changed. What conversations is God calling us to have, and what would happen if we were willing to spread the message of Jesus.

Fearless Future

What Would Jesus Do? • March 25, 2018 • Mike Ainsworth

Jesus did so many amazing things on this earth, and He is calling us to do the same. He had a vision for the future many of us struggle to see. In this installment of "What Would Jesus Do" we discover a fearlessness that Christ has given every believer.

Powerful Posture

What Would Jesus Do • March 11, 2018 • Mike Ainsworth

Jesus did a lot of amazing things in His ministry. One of the most powerful moments was when Jesus revealed His posture towards humanity through washing the disciples feet. Jesus had a powerful Posture. He loves us recklessly.