Run To The Sound Of His Voice

Run To Win

January 16, 2022

Often times when we listen to much to the wrong voices we find ourselves making the wrong choices. In this third installment of run to win pastor Mike teaches us about the importance of seeking wise council, and when God is with us there is nothing that we need to run from.

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How To Cultivate Courage

January 30, 2022

Pastor Mike shared about Benaiah and how he met the worst of enemies, in the worst of places, under the worst of conditions; and he won. We can overcome too we just need to take hold of courage and trust God with the rest!

Run Without Restraint

January 23, 2022

So many things can pull us down and try to hold us back if we let it. The Bible tells us to throw off everything that hinders. In this installment of run to win Pastor Mike teaches us about hidden hinderances and how to overcome them by running the race marked out for us with perseverance.

Not If But When

January 9, 2022