Our Weapons

Pastor Appreciation

October 8, 2017 • Mark Hopkins • 2 Corinthians 10:4-5

In light of all the tragedies our world is facing it is good to know where to turn when things get tough, and how the bible has called us all to fight back against the work of the enemy in our communities.

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"Sit on It"

Sidelines • September 15, 2019 • Pastor Mike Ainsworth

There will be seasons in this life where we will grow weary. When those times and moments come what does God want us to do? In this final installment of Sidelines Pastor Mike teaches us on the principle of rely on your Faith in Jesus when we get weary.

Take a new grip

Sidelines • September 8, 2019 • Brian Blomquist

Brian who leads our small group ministry challenged us by reminding our church that God wants to do a special work in your life. Sometimes that new work comes in the form of discipline, but thats God's way of showing us he loves us. Take a new grip and see what God will do in your life in this new season.

Stretch Marks

Sidelines • September 1, 2019 • Pastor Mike Ainsworth

Often in life we can feel that we are being pulled from all directions. In this installment of sidelines Pastor Mike talks about how God often stretches us in order to make room for what He desires to do in us.