Sing a New Song

Psalm 96

July 14, 2019 • Pastor David Bickers


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The Keys of the Kingdom

Matthew 16:18-19 • August 25, 2019 • Mick Stockwell

Mick Stockwell and his family have served in Eastern Europe for 25 years (15 years in Ukraine and 10 in the Czech Republic). The Stockwell's have been involved in church planting, leadership development, and discipling national leaders. Mick has responsibilities across Europe and is also on a new global task force to equip and send national partners to the ends of the earth. God is doing amazing things in sending missionaries from former Soviet and Eastern Bloc Communist countries to some of the most difficult places and peoples in the world!

Interview: Pastor Tom Pendergrass

God's Not Done! • August 23, 2019 • Shawn Peoples, Tom Pendergrass

Interview: Pastor Tom Pendergrass - God's Not Done! Resources: *Show Notes: https://notes.subsplash.com/fill-in/view?page=Bkvj-RhVB * Download the Urbancrest app: http://onelink.to/4teuuf * Email us your questions, comments, show suggestions and more at nextmanup@urbancrest.org * Email Pastor Tom at tpendergrass@urbancrest.org

Revelation Sermon 54

The Devil's Two Witnesses (The Beast from the Sea ) • August 18, 2019 • Pastor Tom Pendergrass