Fr Mark Basily - 103.2 Interview (Palm Sunday Bombings)

Special Event, 11 Apr 17

April 12, 2017 • Fr Mark Basily

Tune in to Fr Mark's Interview on Hope 103.2 about the Palm Sunday Bombings in Egypt

Opening Our Eyes

Teen Matters, 25 March 18 • March 25, 2018 • Fr. Mark Bassily

Father Mark contemplates which miracle was more important. Restoring the sight of the blind man, or opening his eyes to the truth.

The Lord Entered through the Sheep Gate, Why?

Teen Matters, 18 March 18 • March 18, 2018 • Fr. Yacoub Magdy

Father Yacoub’s Sunday homily focuses on the why the Lord entered Jerusalem through the sheep gate.

Why Jesus Had To Rise

FOCUS on Campus, 19 Apr 18 • April 19, 2018 • Fr Bishoy El Antony

Fr Bishoy talks to us on 'Why Jesus Had To Rise' and tells us plenty of beautiful stories. Make sure you tune in, this is one talk you wouldn't want to miss!