Turning Points Podcast

Testimony's of COC Students and Staff

Ep 0 - Intro

Welcome to Turning Points!

Ep 1 - A Fork in the Road with Leon Dean

July 24, 2020 • Leon D.

Leon, a graduate student at UIUC, shares with us his testimony and experience of Christ in college.

Ep 2 - God is a Rewarder to Those Who Diligently Seek Him

Christian W.

A testimony from alumnus Christian Wilks.

Ep 3 - Captivated by Peerless Worth

Josh K.

A testimony from alumnus Josh Kim

Ep 4 - Choosing to be a Christian College

Alexis B.

Alexis, Hannah, and Esther share their experience of being Christians as freshmen in college!

Ep 5 - Testifying of Christ as a Barista in Germany

Guest Till B.

Special guest Till Benner, a believer in Germany, shares his testimony of coming to Christ and his experience of being a Christian in Germany.

Ep 6 - How God Used Quarantine to Change My Life

Jaila B.

Jaila shares her testimony of how God used everything, including quarantine, to change her life.

Ep 7 - Learning to Live as a Christian in 2020

Jaila B.

Jaila talks with Alexis and Esther about learning to live as a Christian after receiving Christ during quarantine.

Ep 8 - Freed From the Law and Joined to Christ

Mikayla shares her testimony of how she found freedom in Christ!