Each One Has

Students share their enjoyment of Christ!

2021 Fall Conference Overflow

Come Forward to God

Enjoy God in His Word


Deep and Hidden Things

Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard.

We need to be born again

My Baptism

Eternity in our hearts


Precious Blood of Jesus

Ordinary Revivals

Revivals are not just big events that happen every so often. Spiritual dissatisfaction is a sign that we need a revival, even multiple times a day.

Satisfied with Living Water

Money, education, and success cannot satisfy the emptiness deep within. Noro Eliette shares from John 4 about being satisfied with Jesus as the living water.

How do I Pray Unceasingly?

1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to "pray unceasingly." Is this really possible? Michael shares with us how we can practice praying without ceasing.

Pleasing God or Man?

Aly Jaso shares from Galatians 1 about choosing between pleasing God or pleasing men.