Programs Aired in 2020


3600 Allen Hanson Classic

January 12, 2020

Allen Hanson resented the sacrifices his missionary parents made and was determined to make as much money as he could to find his version of success. Don’t miss this powerful story of how God used prison to show him what true success is, on the next UNSHACKLED!

3599 Ron Shultz Classic

January 5, 2020

Ron Shultz was a man fascinated by the latest and greatest and chased after it. Any “newer” thing that caught his fancy, he felt compelled to seek after. But when he did happen to hold it in his grasp, it lost its glitter and left him profoundly empty. He was in the grip of discontent, a lifetime of hungering after flimsy promises of truth, always seeking, ever searching, never content. Could he escape from this madness? Find out in the next thrilling episode of “UNSHACKLED!”